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Roger Blackwell GM4PMK ran the auction which included some DUBUS items

Chris Bartram GW4DGU (fiddle) and John Cooke GM8OTI (nyckelharpa)

Ian White GM3SEK (melodeon), Nadine White MM0WNW (autoharp), Chris Bartram GW4DGU patiently wait whilst John Cooke GM8OTI explains what a nyckelharpa is

Chris Bartram GW4DGU tuning up

Ian White GM3SEK and Nadine White MM0WNW

Nadine White MM0WNW led the assembled company in "Auld Lang Syne" to the "old tune"

The Microwave Band. Ian White GM3SEK, Nadine White MM0WNW, Chris Bartram GW4DGU, John Cooke GM8OTI


All photographs taken by Alan Masson GM3PSP (except for the one in which he appears!). Many thanks to Alan for providing these.