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John Cooke GM8OTI welcomed participants to the 2014 GM Microwave Round Table

Pete Bates GM4BYF gave some practical demonstrations of simple measurements at microwave frequencies

Andy Sinclair MM0FMF explained the new UK Microwave Group / Summits on the Air award scheme

The UKuG / SOTA award scheme has a snazzy new certificate

A session on personal microwave beacons was started by Alan Dimmick GM0USI

Followed by Brian Flynn GM8BJF who talked about a special beacon GM3WOJ/B

GM3WOJ/B is designed to scatter its signal off the Cairngorm mountains, so that it can be received further south


An extra short item before lunch was presented by Ed Murphy GM3SBC who has a new software defined radio design almost completed


Ray James GM4CXM and Martin Hall GM8IEM inspecting the offerings from Chris Bartram GW4DGU

GM3LBV Project Competition entries from Brian Flynn GM8BJF and Chris Bartram GW4DGU

Ian White GM3SEK, Graham Murchie G4FSG, John Cooke GM8OTI

Discussions in the Museum over lunchtime. A World War I exhibition was still in place.

Competition entries complete with the GM3LBV trophy, which is a DC to waveguide transition. The paper flag says "V. Nice :-)"


Participants assembling for the afternoon session


The afternoon session was chaired by Andy Sinclair MM0FMF, President of Lothians Radio Society

David Anderson GM6BIG opened the afternoon session with a talk on "The History, Development and Future of GB3CSB"

David's talk was a fascinating account of the GB3CSB beacon cluster, with lots of technical content

The final talk of the day was from Graham Murchie G4FSG, RSGB Chairman, who spoke on "The RSGB and Microwaves"

Some interesting discussions followed!


The Project competition was judged by Ian White GM3SEK and Graham Murchie G4FSG. Graham presented the GM3LBV trophy to the winner, Brian Flynn GM8BJF

Brian Flynn GM8BJF with the GM3LBV trophy

The winning entry - a versatile VCO / PLL synth board designed by Brian Flynn GM8BJF

The entry that nearly won - Chris Bartram's 24GHz antenna feed and T/R switch


Brian Flynn GM8BJF in the Museum with some of the test gear available

Dave Nugent who was also manning the test gear stand

Trader's table. Some people will go to any lengths to protect their property.

Finer detail of some power device boards and interesting bits of waveguide

Kevin Avery G3AAF

Part of the table run by Kevin Avery G3AAF

Chris Bartram GW4DGU with his 10GHz system - several GM attendees are using these modules

Pete Bates GM4BYF and Ray James GM4CXM


Sandra James, Ray James GM4CXM, Peter Howson GM8GAX, Mark Hughes GM4ISM, Anne Hood GM4UXX, Jack Hood GM4COX

Kevin Avery G3AAF, Barry Horning GM4TOE, Andy Sinclair MM0FMF, Alan Masson GM3PSP, David Stockton GM4ZNX, Dave Nugent

John Cooke GM8OTI, Peter Dick GM4DTH, Roger Hill, David Anderson GM6BIG, Bill Shanks GM8SQM, Nick Peckett G4KUX

Ian White GM3SEK, Chris Bartram GW4DGU, Annie Ferrari, Roger Blackwell GM4PMK, Sarah Blackwell, Nadine White MM0WNW

Briain Wilson GM8PKL, Colin Wright GM4HWO, Brian Flynn GM8BJF, Graham Murchie G4FSG, Peter Bates GM4BYF, Martin Hall GM8IEM, Aileen Hall


Roger Blackwell GM4PMK ran the auction which included some DUBUS items

Chris Bartram GW4DGU (fiddle) and John Cooke GM8OTI (nyckelharpa)

Ian White GM3SEK (melodeon), Nadine White MM0WNW (autoharp), Chris Bartram GW4DGU patiently wait whilst John Cooke GM8OTI explains what a nyckelharpa is

Chris Bartram GW4DGU tuning up

Ian White GM3SEK and Nadine White MM0WNW

Nadine White MM0WNW led the assembled company in "Auld Lang Syne" to the "old tune"

The Microwave Band. Ian White GM3SEK, Nadine White MM0WNW, Chris Bartram GW4DGU, John Cooke GM8OTI


All photographs taken by Alan Masson GM3PSP (except for the one in which he appears!). Many thanks to Alan for providing these.