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Photos of the 2015 GMRT taken by Alan Masson GM3PSP of Lothians RS. Many thanks to Alan for providing these.

Tables in the museum

As they arrive at the GMRT, participants gather in the museum to see what's available.

Test equipment

Brian Flynn GM8BJF, Dave Nugent and David Stockton GM4ZNX manned the test and measurement facilities. Brian Wilson GM8PKL looks on.

Microwave bits

Some of the bits and pieces on sale.

Trader table

Kevin Avery G3AAF had his usual table with interesting items for sale.

Entrance table

Peter Dick GM4DTH looked after the reception desk and made sure that everyone paid up!


Tom Stevenson

Professor Tom Stevenson of the Museum of Communication welcomed us to the museum.


John Cooke GM8OTI chaired the morning session.

Meshers 1

The first talk was by Stan Frey GM8ZQY.

Meshers 2

Bernie McIntosh GM4WZG is also involved in the Meshers project.

Meshers 3

Stan with one of the transceiver units.

24GHz 1

The second talk was by Alan Dimmick GM0USI, about 24GHz.

24GHz 2

Alan Dimmick GM0USI


Lunch 1

Winnie Stevenson and Dorothy Brankin of MOC provided the usual excellent buffet lunch.

Lunch 2

Lunch provides plenty time for chat.

Lunch 3

The chat continues in the museum.

Competition entries list

Over lunch everyone can view the entries for the GM4LBV trophy.

Comp 1

24GHz transverter

Comp 2

24GHz signal source

Comp 3

10GHz transverter

Comp 4

Brian GM8BJF examines the 6cm transverter and the noise figure indicator.

Lunch sale

The sale continues over lunchtime.



Andy Sinclair MM0FMF chaired the afternoon session.

Afternoon listeners

The audience was attentive as usual!


Chris Bartram GW4DGU gave the first talk of the afternoon on 23cm PA design.


Chris Bartram GW4DGU


The second afternoon talk was by Martin Hall GM8IEM.


The final afternoon talk was by GM3SEK - and initiated plenty discussion!

Award 1

After the talks, it was time to present the GM4LBV trophy to the winner.

Award 2

David Stockton GM3ZNX spoke on behalf of the judges.

Award 3

And the winner was ... Jon Joyce GM4JTJ, for his 6cm transverter.

Presentation 1

Chocolates were presented to Dorothy and Winnie.

Presentation 2

Tom Stevenson and Andrew Starling (not present) of the MoC were presented with bottles.

Close 1

After the formal meeting, socialising and trading continued for a while.

Close 2

The test ans measurement facility carried on as well, here visited by Derek Kozel AG6PO.


Later in the evening, about 30 participants and some YLs/XYLs moved to the Kingswood Hotel for the dinner.

Dinner 2

Table 1

dinner 3

Table 2

dinner 4

Table 3

dinner 5

After the dinner, the auction to raise addition finds for the Museum of Communication is run by Roger Blackwell GM4PMK.

dinner 1

The bids went fairly high for some items!

band 1

After the auction, musical entertainment was provided by the "Microwave Band": Ian White GM3SEK, Nadine White MM0WNW, John Cooke GM8OTI and Chris Bartram GW4DGU.

band 2

Ian White GM3SEK (melodeon)

band 3

Nadine White MM0WNW (autoharp)

band 4

John Cooke GM8OTI (nyckelharpa)

band 5

Chris Bartram GW4DGU (fiddle)

MM0FMF end

Lothians RS President Andy Sinclair MM0FMF wound up the event for 2015.