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As usual Alan Masson GM3PSP took a lot of photos of the event and the evening dinner. This year he has also provided a video of the musical entertainment. Many thanks to Alan for the usual great record of the event.

welcome notice


Brian Flynn GM8BJF (President, Lothians RS) chaired the morning and afternoon sessions.

welcome 1


Museum of Communications Chairman, Prof. Tom Stevenson welcomed participants to the museum.

welcome 2


Participant numbers were down a little this year, but there were still 40 attending.



GM representative on the UK Microwave Group committee, Martin Hall GM8IEM, welcomed participants to the event.

GM UKuG representative 

The first talk was by Mark Hughes GM4ISN, on "A 10GHz Home Station"

talk 1


Details of Mark's transverter.

10GHz equipment


Andy Sinclair MM0FMF (with Jack Hood GM4COX) spoke about 13cm SOTA activity.

13cm SOTA talk


Andy MM0FMF and Jack GM4COX

13cm SOTA talk


Ian GM3SEK, David GM4ZNX and Chris GM4YLN study some of the offerings on a trader table.

trade and test


Brian GM8BJF with some of his test equipment.

trade and test


Roger GM4PMK and Kevin G3AAF. 



Jack GM4COX explains what he is going to do with his long 13cm Yagi to John G4BAO.



John GM8OTI explains the virtues of a small but perfectly formed 13cm Yagi.

13cm antenna


 As usual the volunteers at the Museum of Communications provided a wonderful buffet lunch.

13cm SOTA talk


Trader tables were set out in the museum.

trade tables​_


 Dave Nugent and Kevin Avery G3AAF in discussion about the dielectric properties of Irn Bru.



Brian GM8BJF opens the afternoon talks session.



David Anderson GM6BIG spoke on "A High Quality 10GHz Beacon". 



Geoff Pike GI0GDP spoke about local oscillator alternatives for the DB6NT G2 transverters - after a very difficult journey caused by a cancelled flight.



Entries (and the trophy!) for the GM4LBV Projects Trophy competition.

construction competition


24GHz personal beacon - Brian Flynn GM8BJF



13cm source and analyser - Kevin Avery G3AAF



Microwave power meter - Roger Blackwell GM4PMK



Battery manager and telemetry - Mark Hughes GM4ISM



 23cm interdigital filter - Peter Howson GM8GAX



RPOL feed and control - Peter Howson GM8GAX



Judge Andy MM0FMF explains the DC to microwave interface used as the GM4LBV Trophy for the projects competition to judge John G4BAO.



John G4BAO presents the trophy to Kevin Avery G3AAF. The trophy goes south of the border this year!



Martin GM8IEM with speakers Mark GM4ISM, Geoff GI0GDP, Andy MM0FMF and David GM6BIG (Jack GM4COX omitted!)



Andy MM0FMF with Museum of Communications staff, presented with "thank you" bottles.



Auctioneer Roger GM4PMK

dinner - auction


Equipment handed over to another lucky bidder in the auction.



The "Microwave Band" - John GM8OTI, Ian GM3SEK, Nadine MM0WNW



Here's the video of the after dinner musical entertainment provided by the Microwave Trio - John Cooke GM8OTI (nyckelharpa and fiddle), Ian White GM3SEK (melodeon) and Nadine White MM0WNW (autoharp). Many thanks to Alan GM3PSP for the video.