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Many thanks to Alan Masson GM3PSP who as usual took a lot of photos of the event and the evening dinner. This is a selection!

 MoC entrance


Museum of Communications Chairman, Prof. Tom Stevenson welcomed participants to the museum.

 Tom Stevenson


GM representative on the UK Microwave Group committee, Martin Hall GM8IEM, welcomed participants to the event.

Martin Hall


The first talk was by David Anderson GM6BIG, titled "3cm beacon update"

 David Anderson


Details of the 3cm beacon.

 beacon innards


The first talk was followed by a coffee break; time to chat and wander round the tables and the museum.



 Kevin Avery G3AAF with his usual fine collection of merchandise



Brian Flynn GM8BJF at the test bench

test equipment


 Entries for the GM4LBV projects trophy competition.

 competition entries


Gordon Curry GI6ATZ started the second session with his talk on the GB3NI Beacon Cluster.

second session 


Time for more chat in the museum whilst lunch was being set up. 



Brian GM8BJF explaining a technical point over the test equipment.



 As usual the volunteers at the Museum of Communications provided a wonderful buffet lunch.



John Cooke GM8OTI began the afternoon programme by talking about his cheap and cheerful deep space probe reception project.



Andy Sinclair MM0FMF gave an update on 13cm SOTA.


After another break James Gentles GM4WZP and Andy Sinclair MM0FMF led a presentation with audience participation on CROWD DESIGN of a 13cm Portable Aerial!

audience participation

James GM4WZP with some of the notes from the discussion.

design board 


Brian Flynn GM8BJF presenting the GM4LBV trophy to Peter Howson GM8GAX for his reflectometer for 70cm, 23 cm and 13 cm.



Testing Jack's (GM4COX) long 13cm home brew Yagi.



Evening dinner: James Gentles GM4WZP, Martin Hall GM8IEM, Aileen Hall, Andy Sinclair MM0FMF, John Cooke GM8OTI, Mike Webb GD6ICR



Kevin Avery G3AAF, David Anderson GM6BIG, Sarah Blackwell, David Stockton GM4ZNX, Heather Lomond M0HMO, Paul Nickalls G8AQA, Peter Howson GM8GAX



Alan Masson GM3PSP, Roger Blackwell GM4PMK, , Mark Hughes GM4ISM, Colin Wright GM4HWO, Brian Flynn GM8BJF



Roger Blackwell GM4PMK running the auction to bring in additional funds for the Museum of Communication.