The booking forms for the GMRT on October 22 are now open.

Please note that if you book you are committing to pay! The organisers do not hold a fund for this event, and cannot afford to cover costs if income promised is not given.

As of yet, we do not have a confirmed programme or confirmation of test equipment available on the day.

Details of accommodation have not been checked either, with the exception of those with web links, which have been checked.

We hope to see you all again; running the event is dependent on a minimum number of attendees.

The date for the 2022 GM Microwave Round Table has been agreed for Saturday 22 October.

Note that this is earlier than in previous years. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

The dinner menu is already available, see the link under "GMRT 2022".

The website is being updated - accommodation, travel links and so on have not yet been checked.

We're taking a leaf from the Olympics book - unfortunately the 2021 GMRT won't be able to go ahead, but there's every intention of it running in 2022.

It's not just Covid-19; the Museum of Communications lecture area is undergoing a major roof replacement, and the venue is unlikely to be useable by November 2021.

However, it is anticipated that this year Covid will impact the numbers attending;  we need at least 40 people to make the event viable at £10 per head. In addition, Covid is also likely to impact the ability to secure speakers who are willing to travel to the event, so setting up a suitable programme would be a major challenge.

We really do hope to see the event happening in 2022, and look forward to seeing you there.


In view of the continuing situation around the Covid-19 virus, it has now been decided that the GMRT will be cancelled for 2020. This is a great disappointment in view of the success last year. We look forward to seeing everyone back in 2021.

Every year we hold a construction competition for the GM4LBV Trophy. All entries are welcome and can be any piece of hardware or software related to amateur microwave endeavours. All entries should be accompanied by a short description of the entry detailing its features and any points of special interest.  The esteemed judges will be Ian White GM3SEK and David Stockton GM4ZNX. The winner goes forward for the UK Microwave Group G3VVB trophy competition.

Brian Flynn GM8BJF presenting the GM4LBV trophy to Peter Howson GM8GAX for his reflectometer for 70cm, 23 cm and 13 cm at last year's GMRT.