This list is compiled manually from the registrations received. That means it will be up to a few days behind the individual lists on the registration pages for the GMRT and for the dinner, which are filled automatically.

If your callsign isn't in this list it means that you didn't include it in the "name" field and I don't know it! I will add missing callsigns here in due course.

  Name Callsign RT Dinner
1 John Cooke GM8OTI X X
2 Roger Blackwell GM4PMK X X
3 Sarah Blackwell XYL GM4PMK   X
4 Ian White GM3SEK X X
5 Nadine White MM0WNW   X
6 Brian Flynn GM8BJF X X
7 Peter Howson GM8GAX X X
8 Martin Hall GM8IEM X X
9 Aileen Hall XYL GM8IEM   X
10 Andy Hood GM7GDE X  
11 David Anderson GM6BIG X X
12 Peter Bates GM4BYF X X
13 Barry Horning GM4TOE X X
14 Eddie Ashburner G0EHV X  
15 David Anderson GM4JJJ X  
16 Graham Murchie G4FSG X X
17 Kevin Avery G3AAF X X
18 Roger Hill   X X
19 Robert Storeton-West GM4GUF X  
20 Gordon McCallum GM3UCI X  
21 Alan Dimmick GM0USI X  
22 David Stockton GM4ZNX X X
23 Dave Nugent   X X
24 Geoffrey Pike GI0GDP X  
25 Richard Bown G8JVM X  
26 Anthony Horsfall G4CBW X  
27 Gordon Emmerson G8PNN X  
28 Stuart Wisher G8CYW X  
29 Andy Sinclair MM0FMF X X
30 Chris Bartram GW4DGU X X
31 Annie Ferrari YL GW4DGU   X
32 Alan Masson GM3PSP X X
33 Pete Carnegie GM1CMF X  
34 Dave Cossar GM3WIL X  
35 Brian Fothergill G8KPD X  
36 Nick Peckett G4KUX X X
37 Bill Shanks GM8SQM X X
38 Rod Bannerman GM4LUD X  
39 Colin Wright GM4HWO X X
40 Jack Hood GM4COX X X
41 Anne Hood GM4UXX   X
42 Ray James GM4CXM X X
43 Sandra James XYL GM4CXM   X
44 Mark Hughes GM4ISM X X
45 Briain Wilson GM8PKL X X
46 Peter Dick GM4DTH X X
47 Lawrie Auchterlonie MM0LJA X  
48 Ed Murphy GM3SBC X  
49 Chris Grierson GM4YLN X