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Photos of the 2016 GM microwave round table taken by Alan Masson GM4PSP. Many thanks to Alan for a fine set of photos, as always. He takes photographs of anything that moves!


The speakers for the event: Stuart Wisher G8CYW, John Worsnop G4BAO, Peter Bates GM4BYF, John Cooke GM8OTI (morning chairman), Sam Jewell G4DDK. Andy Sinclair (afternoon chairman) not in this photo.

Tom Stevenson

Professor Tom Stevenson of the Museum of Communication opened the event with the usual housekeeping information.

John Cooke GM8OTI

John Cooke GM8OTI (GM UK microwave group representative) chaired the morning session.

John Worsnop G4BAO

John Worsnop G4BAO talked about the importance of the 2300MHz NoV for future use of the 13cm band.

John Worsnop

John Worsnop

Stuart Wisher G8CYW

Stuart Wisher G8CYW first gave an update on optical communications done by radio amateurs in the north east of England.

Stuart Wisher 

Stuart brought a number of interesting demonstrations.

Stuart Wisher

Stuart Wisher