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Andy Sinclair MM0FMF

The afternoon session was chaired by Andy Sinclair MM0FMF, President of the Lothians Radio Society.

Sam Jewell G4DDK

Sam Jewell G4DDK (UK Microwave Group Chairman) gave a detailed talk about his Anglian 3 144MHz transverter, designed with microwave transverter use in mind.

Sam Jewell

View from the back of the conference room.

Peter Bates GM4BYF 

Peter Bates GM4BYF spoke about inexpensive microwave projects.

Peter Bates

Peter Bates

David Stockton GM4ZNX 

After the afternoon talks session, David Stockton GM4ZNX announced the results of the GM4LBV projects trophy competition.

trophy winner

Mark Hughes GM4ISM was the winner of the GM4LBV trophy.


Trophy winner.

Andy Sinclair

Andy Sinclair MM0FMF closed the afternoon session with thanks to the Museum of Communications staff, and to the event organisers.


There was a general discussion about when to hold the next GMRT - it will remain an annual event.


Another view of participants.



trphy winning entry

The winning entry for the GM4LBV project trophy.


Further discussion of the merits of the competition entries between David Stockton GM4ZNX and Roger Blackwell GM4PMK - or maybe it was about what to choose for the evening meal!

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes GM4ISM, winner of the GM4LBV projects trophy, with his winning entry and the trophy (a DC to microwave interface).