Bookings for 2023

Bookings for 2023 are listed here, together with date of booking. Please note that this page is not updated in real time, it is humanly updated (!). Your booking may not appear here for a week or so after you have made it if I am not around or forget to check.

You should receive an acknowledgment of your booking, but a few people have not; it may be that your isp or email provider is rejecting our emails for some reason. I cannot test this for this year, but this note will hopefully remind me to look at the issue for next year.

Martin HallGM8IEMeventdinner17 July
Peter BatesGM4BYFeventdinner17 July
Peter Howson GM8GAXevent dinner17 July
Roger BlackwellGM4PMKevent17 July
Brian FlynnGM8BJF event17 July
Paul NickallsG8AQAeventdinner17 July
Heather NickallsM0HMOeventdinner17 July
Nathan Nuttall2M0OCCeventdinner17 July
Richard WhiteGI4DOHeventdinner17 July
Daniel RobsonGM6CMQevent17 July
Neil SmithG4DBNeventdinner18 July
Colin MurrayGM4EAUevent18 July
Norman StewartGM1CNHevent19 July
Simon Edwards GM0SCAeventdinner24 July
Ian WhiteGM3SEKeventdinner5 August
Nadine WhiteMM0WNWdinner5 August
Colin Wright GM4HWOeventdinner7 August
Andy SinclairMM0FMFeventdinner9 August
David CroweG4MVUevent17 August
Kay BatesGM6KAYdinner20 August
James GentlesGM4WZPeventdinner20 August
John BerryGM8JBJevent22 August
Robert CampbellG4CMIevent28 August
Roy KavanaghGM4VKIevent2 September
David AndersonGM6BIGeventdinner2 September
Andy HoodGM7GDEevent3 September
Barry HorningGM4TOEevent7 September
Peter DickGM4DTHevent13 September
Gordon CurryGI6ATZevent14 September
Richard BownG8JVMevent14 September
Christine Bownnoneevent14 September
Mark HughesGM4ISMeventdinner16 September
Tim BoothG4YTDevent
29 September
David StocktonGM4ZNXeventdinner5 October
David Nugent
eventdinner5 October
Tom MelvinGM8MJVevent
5 October
Paul DobieGM0PJDeventdinner
9 October
Brian HowieGM4DIJevent
10 October
Andrew Dignanevent
16 October
Chris SinclairMM0UHRevent
20 October
Michael ToppleGM5AUGevent
20 October
Iain CoatesGM1MSSevent
21 October
John McDonaldGM1VYGevent
23 October
Andy MorganGD1MIPevent
23 October
Chris GriersonGM4YLNevent
24 October
Gavin TaylorGM0GAVevent
31 October
Jack HoodGM4COXevent
3 November
Ruaridh MacleanGM4ODWevent
5 November
Martin HobsonGM8KPHevent
5 November
Totals:47205 November