Experience gained from the measurement section of previous GMRTs has generated the following requests as some equipment brought was underused whilst some was in heavy demand. Some items submitted carried no identification of what they were and what was required to be measured.

Please identify items clearly prior to submission.

Thank you for your assistance.

Test Equipment List

(updated 2 November 2016 - subject to change based on demand)

  • HP 436 Power Meter and attenuators
  • Spectrum analyser 22 GHz  HP 8593E (MoC collection)
  • HP 8753C VNA to 6GHz plus ancilliaries. (LRS collection)
  • 12 Volt  PSU at a few amps
  • Plus various adapters, attenuators and cables for N and SMA interfaces
  • Noise Figure Measurements (HP 8970 meter, plus noise source somewhat out of calibration)

Thanks to Brian Flynn GM8BJF and David Stockton GM4ZNX.