As a departure from previous practice the organisers thought it would be good to have a call for presentations from attendees. In previous years the programme of talks has been assembled by the organisers and was restricted in scope by their knowledge of what people were working on. Do you have a project that would be of interest to the audience? If so why not do a talk about it!

Presentations generally last 30 to 40 minutes and typically would be accompanied by a set of Powerpoint slides. Topics can vary widely but should be microwave related. They could range cover a very wide range of topics such as a review of some commercial kit, modification of surplus gear, test gear, propagation, beacons, software for microwaves, microwave operating, microwave SDRs, antennas, how to get on a new band, microwave construction techniques. The list goes on.

If you are interested please email Brian Flynn, GM8BJF (brian dot flynn at tiscali dot co dot uk) with a title and a very brief outline of your topic.