Photos taken by Alan Masson GM3PSP at the GMRT are now online, along with a report which has been sent to "Scatterpoint" and other places. These can be found under the "2014" menu item in the "Previous Round Tables" menu on the right.

Many thanks to all who attended GMRT 2014. A report will appear on the site soon, along with photos.

As the GMRT is tomorrow the registration process is now turned off. Thanks to all for registering through the new forms. The final list of participants is linked through the menu on the right. See you all tomorrow!

Next time I hope to find a better booking system.

The talks programme content is now pretty well finalised (although the running order might yet be changed from that given on the draft programme).

If you intend to come to the dinner, please book by Sunday 19 October as the hotel has asked us for numbers well in advance of the event. Don't forget to bring cash as the hotel wants a single payment and we don't have card facilities.

We can take bookings for the event itself (number is limited to 50 by the venue size) up to the day before the event.

Don't forget to bring your entry for the GM round of the UKuG trophy!

The registration forms for GMRT 2014 on Saturday 1 November are now open. Follow the links in the right hand menu.

We are sorry that the process is a bit more complicated than in previous years; hopefully next time we will have found a better registration add-on to handle the bookings.

Key points:

  • please give your forename, surname and callsign in the "name" box
  • if you want to register for dinner, you need to register on both forms
  • if you want to register your XYL (or OM) for dinner then you need to do a separate registration (use their name, but you can use the same email as for your own registration)

The system should send you an email confirming your registration.

The dinner menu and price are now confirmed (see the link on the right). Please remember that you need to do bookings for both the event and the dinner if you intend to be at both.

The programme is nearly finalised and initial details are now posted. Order and timings subject to change!