The programme for the Round Table should now be final - click on the link in the main menu for details. Speakers include Mark Hughes GM4ISM, Sam Jewell G4DDK, Martin Hall GM8IEM and Heather Lomond M0HMO.

The registration forms for GMRT 2019 on Saturday 2 November are now open. Follow the links in the right hand menu.

If you book this is taken as a commitment to pay. Both venues charge us by booked numbers which are finalised a week or so before the event, and we cannot afford to pay for non-attendees; you will be asked to pay if you do not turn up.

Key points:

  • please give your forename, surname and callsign in the "name" box
  • if you want to register for dinner, you need to register on both forms
  • if you want to register your XYL (or OM) for dinner then you need to do a separate registration (use their name, but you can use the same email as for your own registration)

The system should send you an email confirming your registration.

The dinner menu and meal price are now confirmed. Please remember that you need to do bookings for both the event and the dinner if you intend to be at both.

The programme will be announced once talks are confirmed.

In spite of a somewhat reduced number of attendees, we had a good GM microwave round table meeting yesterday. Thanks to all who attended for contributing to its success. A report (and hopefully photos) will appear here in due course.

At the end of the meeting it was agreed that we should hold the ninth GMRT on Saturday 2 November 2019 - put the date in your diaries now!

Please get in touch (through the microwave reflector at if you don't have email addresses) if you have either suggestions for talks, or even better, if you have a topic you could tell us about by giving a talk yourself.

The provisional programme has now been added to the details in the GMRT - still one talk to be arranged, I'm sure Brian GM8BJF will be delighted to hear of any offers!

The number of attendees is (so far) considerably down on previous years - please register as soon as possible.

As a departure from previous practice the organisers thought it would be good to have a call for presentations from attendees. In previous years the programme of talks has been assembled by the organisers and was restricted in scope by their knowledge of what people were working on. Do you have a project that would be of interest to the audience? If so why not do a talk about it!

Presentations generally last 30 to 40 minutes and typically would be accompanied by a set of Powerpoint slides. Topics can vary widely but should be microwave related. They could range cover a very wide range of topics such as a review of some commercial kit, modification of surplus gear, test gear, propagation, beacons, software for microwaves, microwave operating, microwave SDRs, antennas, how to get on a new band, microwave construction techniques. The list goes on.

If you are interested please email Brian Flynn, GM8BJF (brian dot flynn at tiscali dot co dot uk) with a title and a very brief outline of your topic.