IMPORTANT - registering to attend commits you to paying. We are charged by the number of booked attendees, and have no spare money to pay for people who do not turn up.

You need to register separately for the GMRT day session and for the evening dinner. These appear as two events under the "Links to forms" menu item. Please click on the event name to access the event details page, where you can click on a green button to access the actual registration form.

When completing the form, please give your name and callsign in the "name" field, e.g. Fred Bloggs GM6BLG.

Unfortunately this means that you will have to give your name and email address twice if you attend the GMRT and Dinner (and will need to do it again if you are registering your XYL for the dinner - in which case please give the name of your XYL).

You will receive a confirmation email for each registration.

We need you to complete the RT registration form as there is a maximum number the lecture room can accommodate. This will also help in planning the overall scale of the event and catering requirements. Please advise us if there are any changes to your plans as soon as possible in case the RT is over subscribed and someone on a reserve list can take your place.

Please register for a partner attending the dinner only by making a second registration under their name for the "GMRT dinner" event.

PLEASE NOTE: If you book for the evening dinner then you must pay in cash on entry to the round table at the museum, as the hotel asks for a single payment and we (the organisers) do not have card facilities. Please note that the hotel will demand payment in full for non-attendance without due notice - numbers are finalised a week or so before the event.

Once people start to register, a list of those registered will appear at the bottom of the event details page.